Backgammon Books by Kit Woolsey

Kit Woolsey is not only a world-renowned bridge player, but he is also recognized as the fifth top backgammon player in the world. Just like other professional players, Kit Woolsey also has the aim of helping other bridge and backgammon players augment their skills, which is the reason why he has written many books about these games. What we would want to focus on are the books he has written about backgammon.

In the book "Philip Marmorstein Versus Michael Greiner," Kit Woolsey analyzes the moves used by backgammon champions Marmorstein and Greiner in their matches. There are book critics who say that Kit Woolsey writes better than backgammon author and player Bill Robertie. But, of course, the appreciation with regard to the way these books were written actually depends on the readers. What's important is that Kit Woolsey successfully describes how Marmorstein and Greiner plot their moves and how readers can apply such moves to improve their own backgammon skills.

Kit Woolsey's book titled "How to Play Tournament Backgammon" only has fifty pages and is ideal for intermediate and advanced backgammon players. Among the topics discussed in this book are figuring gammon costs, recubing equity, and computing push and cash points. This backgammon book may be too short form some readers but provides helpful information nevertheless.

The concept of the book "Mika Lidov Versus Hal Heinrich" is similarly to that of the book "Philip Marmorstein Versus Michael Greiner." Here, Kit Woolsey analyzes the moves applied by professional backgammon players Heinrich and Lidov. He explains the strategies used by these players, hoping to help readers enhance their own skills. The concept used by the author in the said books was also used in "Joe Sylvester Versus Nack Ballard."

Kit Woolsey has also co-authored backgammon books with other backgammon players. One of those books is titled "New Ideas in Backgammon," which he co-wrote with Heinrich. A collection of backgammon problems are featured in this book which expects to tests the ability of all types of players, namely, beginners, intermediate, and advanced. The chapters contained in this book are titled Assets and Liabilities, Anchors Aweigh, Hold the Fort, The Blitz is On, Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later, Scrambling Home, and Prime Time. It also has a special page that talks about its publisher, the Gammon Press.

The backgammon book "Understanding Backgammon: Lesson for Serious Players" is co-written by Kit Woolsey with Tami Jones. Just like "New Ideas in Backgammon," "Understanding Backgammon: Lesson for Serious Players" features backgammon problems but the answers are presented in such a way that the authors seem to be conversing with one another.

These are only some of the books written and co-written by Kit Woolsey. All of these are a must-read for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players who are very much willing to learn more about backgammon.