Backgammon End Game - Bear Off

The end game in a backgammon race is called the bear off. This still remains to be an important subject though, statistically speaking, there are less games that end in bearing off the final checker. Most of the time, a game ends up with one player passing the cube when offered a double. Nevertheless, the player who knows how to execute the end game properly is a lot better off even with the cube action present.

There won't be a lot of details that you would have to commit to memory when dealing with the bear off. Of course, there are so many end game situations insomuch that no one can write down every single possible bear off scenario and give recommendations to them. What we have for you are general guidelines that cover almost every possible end game situation you will encounter.

In order to execute a decent bear off, one must always keep a smooth and flexible position on the home board. Always maintain an even distribution since the outcome on the dice is random. Keeping a flexible position and checker distribution in the bear ensures that you are bearing off checkers every single turn and not moving them around on your home board.

No dice roll should be wasted in the end game. You should avoid stacking checkers on a home board point. You should also avoid making any gap in your checker distribution. The idea behind keeping a flexible position in this stage of the game is to ensure that you are bearing off checkers every single time. You have no time to waste on moving checkers closer to your one-point. Every turn counts in the end game in backgammon.

Realistically, you will waste some rolls here and there when bearing off. A good idea when you can't bear off a checker using a roll is to fill a gap on your checker position. But remember that you should be filling gaps without creating new ones, which is really a waste of dice rolls in the end game. Now, if you can't bear off a checker and you can't fill a gap, it is inevitable that you should move backgammon checkers closer to your one-point.

As stated earlier, there are numerous situations you will encounter in the bear off stage of backgammon. We simply can't cover every nuance about the end game and commit a response to each of them. At times we should use the bear off principles mentioned above and be innovative. As you gain experience you will be able to execute great a great bear off every single time.