Crafting Your Antique Backgammon Set

If buying things was never your major interest, then you might be interest in more vintage items or unique and antique items that can only be made through time or by hand. The latter proves that an antiquity does not have to be old; on the contrary an antique piece can be new and just made to look like it is old. That is exactly what we will teach you today; crafting your own antique Backgammon set.

The first thing that is advisable to buy whenever you are planning on crafting your antique Backgammon set is a slab of wood out of which you can craft your antique Backgammon set on, because nothing screams of old and mold as much as wood does. Once you have acquired the slab of wood at your local carpenter or at the local wood store, you can start crafting, carving and creating your antique Backgammon set.

The most important thing about crafting your antique looking Backgammon set that you have to make the wood look old. This can be achieved by using chains made out of metal or other sturdy material. You simply have to whip the chains against the raw wood and get the battered effect out of your wood before you form it into your antique Backgammon set. After having done so, you can paint the finished Backgammon board and start to carve it with ornaments preferably at the sides of the Backgammon board.

You also have to create wooden checkers out of your available wood. Carve each checker with initials or any design of your choice and then paint it. It is advised to use marble for the checkers and the dice as well because they just maximize the antique effect of your Backgammon set. The points of your Backgammon board can be drawn, glued, sown or carved and painted over.

Another thing you could do for creating your antique Backgammon board is have little gilded elements like golden sides or hinges or silver strings on the board. These gilded elements can be bought and just applied with water or heat. The look will create an English Victorian style kind of antiqueness. You can show off your creations and even sell them for good money. Do not however claim that your created antique Backgammon sets are really old, for that lie might come back to you.

The use of creating an antique Backgammon set is to have the effect of having something that seems very precious, but was in fact made by you. You can either sell or enjoy the ready-made Backgammon set.