Backgammon -- Play With a Strategy - Every beginner has been trying to find out a proper play strategy to win at backgammon. If you are one of these hopefuls, then there are some strategies that might be of great use to your next backgammon game.

Backgammon Books by Kit Woolsey - Backgammon player Kit Woolsey is also a well-known author of backgammon books. His works are intended to offer tips and ideas for backgammon players who are committed in improving their abilities.

Backgammon End Game - Bear Off - The bear off is the end game phase of backgammon. Though fewer games end in the bear off, this remains an important study in backgammon. The player that uses effective bear off principles gains an advantage over those who do not.

Backgammon Rules: How to Keep Score of a Game - It is pretty easy to keep score of a backgammon game. Using the doubling cube, winning a gammon, and winning a backgammon affects the way we keep score of a game. Understanding how we keep score is necessary since we'll play lots of games in match play.

Beginners' Version of Backgammon Rules - Backgammon is a game that should be played according to backgammon rules. Then we can start to learn and apply basic backgammon strategies. As we learn these basic backgammon rules and strategies we can then gradually learn advanced backgammon play systems.

Crafting Your Antique Backgammon Set - Everybody dreams of an antique piece at home, but why not craft your antique Backgammon set for yourself? It is easily done with wood and other materials, and the only thing you have to do is to make it look old.

Exploring the Game of Backgammon - Probabilities are one of the most important factors in backgammon. Top players can immediately do some calculations on what should they do during the game. They can also immediately decide on what should they do during a particular situation.

Free Online Backgammon Resources - Do you want to know how to play online backgammon? You can now do so easily by taking advantage of free online backgammon resources.

Online Backgammon Playing Options - Playing backgammon online is an interesting way to play either for money or for fun. Playing with anyone from around the world is a great way to test your mettle and raise your position in the ranking system. Individual matches, tournaments, against a computer, playing for money and for fun are exciting options when you play backgammon online.

Steps for Backgammon Board Setup - The backgammon game board is one of the most complicated game boards to setup. For one to accomplish a backgammon board setup correctly, one should know the game and the rules at heart so as not to forget the arrangements of the board. If one is not an avid player however, then memorizing the steps for backgammon game board setup will be important.

The 24/22 13/8 Opening Play in Backgammon - There has been a recent change of heart among backgammon players regarding the 24/22 13/8 play for the five-two opening roll. The 24/22 13/8 play has gained a following among many backgammon players. But it's still up to you if you think this play for the is worth the risk in backgammon.

The History of Backgammon - Backgammon dates far back to ancient history, known to be the oldest recorded board game. Besides from that, there are other interesting facts about the game's history.

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