Steps for Backgammon Board Setup

Backgammon is not a simple game to play. Much like chess, almost every aspect of backgammon requires thorough focus and attention as they are replete with complications. This does not mean that backgammon is no fun at all; it is just that methodical thinking is very much required every step of the way when one dabbles in backgammon.

One such good example to illustrate this observation is the setting up of the board for the game. Backgammon board setup may be a breeze for veteran players but for those who are only playing it once in a while and are just casual players, setting up the game board can be quite confusing.

When done regularly, backgammon board setup is a no-sweat process. Here are the instructions for backgammon board setup for players to bear in mind so that they would not have a hard time in the future in case they plan to play the board game.

The first thing to consider for a backgammon board setup is the place by which the actual game board will be placed. As with all game boards, the place must be level and smooth. The backgammon chips must be counted to ensure that they are complete. There should be fifteen chips in each color, for a total of thirty chips in all.

Aside from the chips, the dice must also be checked. For some backgammon sets, there should be 4 regular dice and 1 special dice which would be used as the doubling cube. Some sets only include a pair of regular dice instead and the doubling cube, though not an important paraphernalia if one is playing a friendly game.

One should know the basics of the game board so as to know where to place correctly the chips when doing a backgammon board setup. One should know where one's home board in the board is. To know where to put the chips, one should count from 1 for each triangular area in the board, starting with one's home board and then going clockwise up to number 24, which will end in the in the home board of the opponent.

The number 24 will be placed with two chips, the number 13 with five chips, three chips on the 8 and five for the number 6. This process is the same for both players.

Backgammon board setup is an easy task even if one is not an avid player of the game. Just as long as one is knowledgeable of the rules of the game and one is familiar with the general flow of an actual match, mastering the process of backgammon board setup will be a piece of cake.